Clueless about the reactors

Collins Beach, Delaware

"While on a trip to the east coast for a meeting, I decided I should make a quick trip
down to Delaware since I'm trying to get to all fifty states and I'd never been there.
Shortly after entering the state I began to see signs explaining what to do when the
warning sirens sound. Warning sirens seemed to indicate that something interesting was

"Off in the distance I saw the unmistakeable plume of steam from a nuclear reactor cooling
tower. So, I drove around and around trying to get close and finally came across an
excellent phoon location near Collins Beach. A few minutes down the road, after phooning,
I stopped for coffee at McDonald's. I wanted to find out what the name of the power plant
was. And none of the people working at McD's had any idea of there even being a reactor
just minutes down the highway! The explanation that the manager gave me was that what I
saw 'must have been the Playtex plant'." --Lou

Tack till Lou som Phoonade (och för fotoidén).

May 16, 2006

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