Palo Alto, California

Mom and I arrived at this park on a geocaching hunt and heard this group practicing. There
many sour notes. While we continued geocaching, Mom suggested that I phoon, mentioning my
brother David's Bellagio wedding photo (one of the most popular photos on

Twenty minutes later, we made our way back to this group. In that period, the band had
improved tremendously! We got this shot and were leaving when one of the band members
caught up with us and had questions, including what were we doing and might we be able to
help them improve their sound. I noted that we both played piano...

For the next 10 minutes, we had a most enjoyable conversation. This group meets to learn
how to play instruments, an expression of freedom. I waved at the still-playing group when
we left and received several waves in response.

Phoonare: jag. Tack till Doris för fotoidén.

Aug 12, 2007

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