Rock balancing

Carlsbad, California

"On Christmas morning, 2002, after opening presents and drinking cocoa, my 11-year-old
daughter Lauren asked if we could walk down to a nearby beach. We didn't go there to
balance rocks, but the pile (set there as a breakwater) seemed to tempt us: 'C'mon! Just

"I balanced a little rock on end on a bigger flat rock, and pretty soon Lauren had the
whole rock covered with little rock soldier friends. I went on with larger configurations,
while a small crowd gathered to watch us. Several couples even had their picture taken in
front of our little sculpture garden.

"In all, Lauren probably stood 100 rocks on end in the hour and a half we were there!
(Click on the Rock Balancing button on this page. Also here.)" --David

Tack till David och Lauren som Phoonade och till David för fotoidén.

Aug 25, 2003

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