Giza, Egypt

Editor: Plenty to talk about in this photo. First, Andor and Cheta are great! They know
how to make a picture interesting: do a Phoon in it.

In contrast, check out the dude on the right, waving at a camera. Surely, he didn't decide
to do that on his own. For some reason, she thinks it's a good idea and he's cooperative.

A big part of why I started phooning in 1980 was that I didn't want to look like him. Mom
would call out to us to "wave at the camera!" Wasn't it already obvious that we were in
the picture? Did it make us look friendlier, in case anyone ever looked at our travel
photos? But now that I'm much older, I realize that... no, it still makes no sense to me
why anyone should wave at a camera.

Tack till Andor och Cheti som Phoonade och till Andor för fotoidén.

Mar 05, 2005

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