Sponge Bob stage

Paramount's Great America, San Jose, California

eBay treated its employees and guests of its 'eBay Live!' convention to an afternoon at an
amusement park. This friendly guy, a Marine, struck up conversation as I was waiting for
doors off to the left to open and let us into the theater.

I had previously seen zero Sponge Bob cartoons. I just wanted a '3D' experience. David
gave me a high-speed, in depth education of the cartoon, rattling off the names of all the
characters as they flashed on monitors above the doors. (One of the creatures is named
'Gary'? How cool is that?)

Hey, I could go phoon on the stage, I thought, now that I had someone to operate my
camera. But, hey, why not offer the chance to him?

Tack till David som Phoonade. Fotoidé: min.

Jun 25, 2005

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