Starbucks™, Shanghai

Shanghai, China

"We taught conversational English to Chinese English teachers in Sanya, China for six
weeks this summer. Before flying back to the USA, we did some sightseeing in Shanghai with
one of our Chinese English teachers from our previous summer in Baotou, China. It was
great to find a familiar American Starbucks.

"After introducing our friend Alna to the enjoyment of a Grande Low-fat Latte, I decided
to do a Phoon in front of the Starbucks. I had second thoughts when I saw a couple staring
at me through the glass, but I still went for it.

"Starbucks does not allow cameras inside. (Perhaps they don't want China to duplicate the
look and feel? But we did see a Chinese knock-off there: Sunbucks!)" --Joanne

Do you like Starbucks? Do you like Phoons? Click here for a page you can print and take to
your local Starbucks.

Tack till Joanne som Phoonade (och för fotoidén).

Aug 29, 2003

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