Tie Typhoon Phoon

Sanya, Hainan Island, China

"These were taken during the typhoon this summer. It was raining and the increasing wind
velocity was already breaking tree branches.

"Joanne and I were frolicking in the rain. Normally the street is very busy at this time
of day. Though it was afternoon, the city was virtually closed and most people had already
buttoned themselves in their apartments. The few people still out (like the motorcyclist
and the rickshaw bike in the first picture) watched us with bemused wonder.

"Joanne felt we were a little underdressed so I compensated by putting on a tie. As the
wind picked up, Joanne and I returned to our apartment to ride out the typhoon like
everyone else. Warned just in time by our students, we had purchased candles earlier in
the day by miming a birthday party to several store owners till we found some. And sure
enough, as evening set in, the city lost power; so we enjoyed a hot and humid but romantic
candle-lit evening together." --Scott

Tack till Joanne och Scott som Phoonade och till Scott för fotoidén.

Aug 25, 2003

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