May Hardware web cam

McCall, Idaho

"I called one of my sons (in a town about 5 hours away from us) and asked him to check out
this webcam site and also check out the Phoons site. A personal banker, he often had
customers. Now he hoped none would stop by.

"I informed him that I, my other son and his wife would be arriving at the webcam location
in our town in about 45 minutes. I wanted the two of them to phoon. Neither had any idea
what a Phoon was, so I demonstrated it. We arrived and I called via cell phone. Looking at
the webcam photo, the banker son described the best place for us to pose. (Lane suggested
the shore might be good, but I thought the picnic table would be funnier in case someone
happened by.) The banker son, still on the phone, was checking out the Phoons site. His
manager was now looking over his shoulder, wondering why he was laughing so hard.

"Lane and Cam held the pose for about 2 minutes, unsure exactly when the webcam shot would
take place. Cam said that it was like doing yoga. They both complained--not that their
arms or legs hurt but rather that their faces hurt from laughing go much. Pretty good
Phoon poses, considering they had never seen a Phoon until I posed for them--and
especially having to hold it for so long." --Cindy

Tack till Lane och Cam som Phoonade och till Cindy för fotoidén.

Aug 02, 2005

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