Victoria Falls


"In October, I returned to Victoria Falls (where I phooned in June) to see the falls in
their 'dry season.' There was literally no water!

"We decided to walk across the top of the falls where the water would be any other month
of the year. Victoria Falls separates two countries. So, we walked from Zambia all the way
into Zimbabwe! Along the way, we found this rock, and I had to phoon on it! For my
mother's sake, I had to give it a push before stepping onto it for the picture.

"I was nervous! I was yelling, 'Aaa! This is so precarious!!!' (thinking only about the
Phoons category this photo would fall into--and trying not to think about what would
happen if the rock tipped!)" --Steve

Tack till Steve som Phoonade (och för fotoidén).

Oct 20, 2005

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