Kitsch house

Sunnyvale, California

"We were out for a walk and saw this house across the street. I started to make my way
toward the house for a Phoon pose while Doris held back with the camera. Just then, the
homeowner popped out and into his car in the rear garage and slowly made his way to the
street. During that time, Doris and I were each wandering around, looking elsewhere,
trying not to look like we were up to anything in particular. (Our son later said we
probably looked like elderly lookouts for a drug deal!) Finally, the homeowner left and we
got this shot. Things to note: tile on the outside of the house, blue tile posts on either
side of the driveway with lions on top, an ornate arch with globes, a windmill, a big
clock, an eagle, globes in the garden..." --Bob

Thanks to Bob for phooning (and for the photo idea).

Jul 04, 2002

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