San Francisco, California

"This photo was taken in memory of an event from a year earlier. An inebriated Joe had
been preparing to race Doug down Telegraph Hill (pictured--and that's Coit Tower) when the
SFPD showed up. Joe decided their arrival signaled the start of the race and sprinted off
down the hill. Doug pursued.

"Doug later declared that Joe, no doubt aided by the rainbow shoes, 'put 40 meters on me
in the first 20.' And Joe noted that he reached a higher speed than he could have had he
been sober. His center of gravity was further in front of him than might have been wise.
Teetering on the razor's edge of control, he had decided that stopping was impossible and
elected to 'ride it out' until the street leveled off, hopefully remaining upright all the
while. He succeeded." --Sieg

Thanks to Joe for phooning and to Sieg for the photo idea.

Dec 10, 2002

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