Water main break

Sunnyvale, California

I stepped out the front door to go to work and saw this river of muck rushing down our
street and engulfing sidewalks and gardens. Now Mom and I know what the big rumble was
that we felt the evening before: an underground break in the main water supply on a major
boulevard nearby. On this day, the water broke through and here it was.

The neighbor kids didn't take me up on my request that they phoon in the rushing water, so
I rushed back inside to change out my bottom half and stepped out there. That's when I
found that there was a good 1" of silty muck below the surface. The constant rush against
my leg made it difficult to balance.

Thanks to the city, the streets were nearly clean the next day. A 50-foot section of five
lanes of the main bouldevard is now 8" higher and there's an impressive hole. I like the

Phooner: me. Photo idea: mine.

Jul 26, 2007

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