That ain't right

San Jose, California

1999 was the year that I started doing the Phoon again (after a 19 year break) and started
a web page about Phoons. At that time, I had only about twenty Phoon photos, so just about
anything seemed interesting enough for my phooning, as this photo illustrates: family and
friends helped me cut weeds in my yard and we piled them here. That was a lot of weeds. I
discovered later, to my embarrassment, that I did the pose wrong! (In addition, I had
taught this wrong pose to my parents before their trip to Canada where they took several
photos for my collection--but all with this same, wrong pose...)

So, in April 2005, when I had again let my weeds grow to human height in my backyard and
started cutting them down, I figured it was time to add the original photo to the
collection with this update. (Hey, look how much the neighbor's palm tree has grown in
that time, too.)

May 29, 1999

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